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I work in one town depts. and called in sick today to take my kids down to to the Harrison strip (S. Jersey shore) and it feels great. It almost feels like unlimited potential for the nice weather. I'm getting sicker by the moment, but we should anyone feel sick when a guy who drives people to doctors appts. and to be the Mayors rat makes at least $75,000.00 a year! Qustions; Why do the fireman get a clothing allowance of almost $2,000.00 a year when their clothes are picked up, cleaned, and delivered by an outside laundry facility? Why do part-time employess, like the clubhouse little rascals, even get sick days when they only work 80 days a year. When they call in sick, the town only deducts 2 sick days from them for taking off three 8 hour shifts? Shouldn't they be charged for 3 sick days because that is what it is in reality? Then again, it is a fantasy land Harrisonville when a secretary for a part-time Mayor makes more than most people in town that pay her salary do in three years. IMO, very, very sad.

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