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Most people aren't aware of these facts.


I'm impressed only to a point by Tyson's argument that taking 3.5 billion years to create the first multi-cellular organism seems quite inefficient. It doesn't look like the work of a purposeful being, but on the other hand, who is to say what time might mean to such a being?

What does impress me are the observation and the graphic depictions of all the gratuitous suffering in the world. Theists have been trying to explain this for millennia. They satisfy themselves that it just must be God's plan and we shouldn't try to understand it --- but then why bother to believe in a God if you have to retreat to incomprehensibility to excuse it? The explanations are not persuasive. Theism is a belief system based on a wish. That's all it ever was. I think we would be better off, and probably would last longer as a species, if we left it behind.

That doesn't mean that there couldn't be a god, but (1) there's no good reason to think there is and (2) it can't be the god described in the Judeo-Christian Bible. That version paints God as a psychopath. I'm sorry, but it's a destructive and harmful story. It's time for people who see these problems to speak out.

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