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Good job town workers

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It seems to be a lot of spite and anger toward the town employees. With that said I went to Quick Check early around 7am after the snow storm, as I do every morning, then zig zag threw town to my mothers house. There were town workers plowing and shoveling all over the place. They did an exellent job. Later in the day I ventured out again the same workers were still shoveling in the freezing rain and snow. I thank them for a job well done. I am hoping that the Mayor and bosses also thanked them. They showed hard work and pride in their community which they live. I also thank the Crossing Guards for their dedication and pride for the town. They also out in the cold and rain. I have seen children run to a Crossing Guard and hug her before crossing to go to school. I have always been proud to be a part of this town. At our club we were discussing concerns in the direction our leaders are taking us. Most have a relative past or prsent that worked for the town or know someone that does. I was always taught you must give respect to get respect. I ask that the bosses that do not live in town take a moment, sit back, and try to understand what it is to be a Kearnyite, to live in town, love and work in a townwhere everyone knows someone.

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