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Eve of the Inauguration


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President Obama tomorrow and goodbye smirky the chimp.

This is like getting declared your cancer has gone into remission. There is relief for the merciful graduation and bulging memories for the symptoms, treatments and symptoms of the treatments, the cruel grind. But remission is yours and that's what you clawed for. You wonder if all the cancer days leading to this remission are forever gone so you can die in your garden suddenly and with no warning, long after your grandchildren have children. You conclude immense thankfulness for this remission day and proceed with your life.

President Obama tomorrow and goodbye smirky the chimp.

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Guest 2smart4u
A very apt analogy. Our country is still very ill, but at least it can start healing now.

I heard Obama say he was going to put all the "nonbelievers" in Gitmo. Pack your bags, Paul/Kris.

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