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Hard Christmas

Guest Free Reporter

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Guest Free Reporter

It looks like it will be a hard Christmas, for many of us .

We should all be grateful. Mr. Pete Higgins has his dual pensions of $177,815.04 per year to make it a good Christmas for him.

We could look at it another way. his pensions only amount to $487.16 a day.

It is no wonder he has to work the redevelopment for what it is worth.

God Bless Pete and those who made this all possible for him.

Pete is worried about a tax increase in town. It may cut into his bottom line.

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<_< another fine snow removal job :angry:

just our pockets were cleaned out

Yeah this guy is a real moron...100,000 and can't handle snow removal, then again he can't keep the streets clean. He does his street but not in front of the schools, you had to see this poor woman walking trying to get her baby stroller across the street.... she had to ask someone to pick it up, you know not everyone has a car and if they did they had a read hard time getting it out...I was walking my kids to school the other day and we couldn't get on the sidewalk because of the ice and the big hard snow piles...I had to walk in the street with them which was very dangerous...but he was probably busy plowing the local business parking lots and pocketing the cash I hear that is what they do, use the town plow and pocket the money. Something else the taxpayers should know.

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