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Guest Hudson Taxpayer

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What is the status of the redevelopment, in light of the economy ?

Dead like all the taxpayers are going to be. When they have to pay for all this corrupt crap that these politicians attempted to do.......Stadium, Yeah right, 7000 apts, yeah right cant sell the riverpark yet. I can't wait for the 2009 tax bills.... my 2008 went up $700. what a dump we have to show for. we have 60 public works workers, 56 fireman, 47 cops, and 40 crossing guards, 3 school superintendants, and 2 mayors secretary's. Who should we call to to investigate this poor mismanagement of our taxpayer money...... because it obvious that the mayor cannot even answer questions at a town meeting and walks out. what a joke !!!!!!

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Guest Hudson Taxpayer
Brillant Question, why be an idiot??

Sorry, if I offended you.

As a Hudson Taxpayer I have a stake in the success or failure of that project. I was looking for some concrete information such as what is on hold or canceled etc. If it was only Harrisons money I could care less but since my dollar is in I would like to hear what's going on.

Hudson Taxpayer

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Yeah rigth, The best economic minds in the country couldn't predict the recession, Millan who Is Millan Mike??

Why be an idiot your whole life??? Millan for garbage-picker!, send him to work for the cat man!!

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