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Senator John McCain -- Arizona (R)

Guest Kyle O

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Yesterday a great man took a national stage to deliver a legendary speech... in Arizona. Last night a man who the country had not seen since about January 2007 went in front of a crowd of his supporters and conceded defeat in the biggest election this country has ever seen and whilst doing so gave a big "f**k YOU" to the campaign team that turned him into a monster. The moment Mr. McCain showed us all he was through with the mudslinging was when he used a key-word that he used excessively and always negatively in this election. "Whatever our differences, we are fellow Americans. And please believe me when I say no association has ever meant more to me than that." No association... this means Bill Ayers is not important, Rev. Wright is not important, PLO sympathizers aren't important. The only association McCain ever cared about was the one all Americans (he and Obama included) share. He knows Barack is a true American and I'll always doubt that John McCain gave two shits about Bill Ayers. Big ups, McCain. Give him ten years. Maybe a memoir, or a 60 minutes interview... something. We'll find out how HE really felt about the talking points he was handed turning this election. We'll find out that Mr. McCain, had he done things his way, actually could have won our hearts and minds in 2008. But instead he sold his soul to the campaign team from Hell. I never liked John McCain, but I never hated him until about two months ago. I was always going to vote for Barack (knew that in 2004), but I never knew that a man I respected so much could do such brutal damage to his name and legacy. I really hope, for McCain's sake, that I'm not the only person who is ready to forgive him. The man has put in more years of service for this country than maybe any other person I can think of.

As for Sarah Palin... I enjoyed watching the tears fill her eyes last night. I enjoyed watching her get bombarded by the media. I enjoyed reading her e-mails. I enjoyed looking at hilarious pictures of baby-daddy LEVI! I thought it was a little weird how often I had to see her youngest child (oh yeah, the kid was being exploited). I loved watching her personal life be exposed and criticized, and then viewing her expression when she realized it was all for naught. Because even Sarah Palin knows 2012 is a leaky pipe dream that even Joe the Plumber couldn't fix.

I will never forgive that woman for all the hate she brought out in her supporters and nobody should, because that hate... that doesn't go away. We're stuck with those after-shocks for good. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's this. When somebody says "kill Obama," you make god damn f**king clear that you're not on board with that shit. You don't let people cheer it on either, f**king asshole. So Please! I know the primaries don't matter so much in NJ (the [D] did this year, but this is a message for the [R]), but if that woman is on the ballot... I BESEECH YOU! Just vote for whoever the f**k else is on it... Joe Lieberman probably.

In any event, good work Hudson County... I think we went 72% for That One.

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Seemed like Obama's campaign was less strings and strategy and more honesty and integrity. McCain did get used and abused, but Barack didn't stoop low or lose his cool. Maybe one time.

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