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school lock-down


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does anyone have any info re:lock-down in the Kearny and Harrison schools due to suspected Newark gang activity? I heard initiation into these street gangs required the harming of x number of school age girls and boys. I checked on-line NJ.com for info but to no avail. With three grandsons in school I'm concerned where something like this could lead.

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Unfortunatley what happened here was hysteria. Yes, there are gang initiations but do you really think they are going to advertise them for a certain day? There was supposed to be a full blown lockdown (meaning noone enters or leaves the building) but that was changed to just keeping the kids in the school for lunch. Kearny & Harrison are not very well prepared for these situations and go into a full blown panic. Our schools should be dealing with these things on a day to day basis and know what to do when something like these rumors come along. However, I've found teaching in a lot of different schools for the past 20 years that they wait until they have a situation before dealing with it and then they deal with it wrong. We shouldn't be running from these things, we should be well prepared for them. We are not.

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