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no more bigotry

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It means that in the United States of America, we believe in liberty and justice for all. That means that we do not discriminate against people based on their religion or ethic background. In other words, a Muslim is as good an American as anyone else. Some people make this an empty slogan. They tend to be the first ones to demand that everyone stand and salute the flag and the ones to shout "under God!" the loudest. They are hypocrites whose attitude will destroy us unless we stop them.

It means that bigotry has no place in our politics or in our civic life or anywhere in this country.

It means that this soldier, who was a Muslim, was as patriotic as any other soldier in our army.

It also means, as General Colin Powell said on Sunday, that a Muslim can aspire to any position or any office, including President of the United States. There is no place for the bigotry that says "I won't vote for him because he's 'not like me.'" That is un-American. That is what General Powell said.

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