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Holiday Weekend

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So what will everyone be doing this Holiday Weekend?????

With gas prices so high can't say I will be doing a lot of traveling. I think I will go to the library being it is the only Building in town that is open this weekend, the only Building that people actually work and the only Building where you can get help and answers to your qustions...it is too bad you can't that kind of treatment at the Town Hall, nobody seems to have any answers over there.

What do the kids do with the Community Center closed all the time? I have noticed they are closed most of the time, then they wonder why the kids are all smoking, drinking and drugging at the age of 11. Maybe if this Town offered stuff for the kids and made things fun, the Police wouldn't be so busy.

What will I do at the Library??? I think I will look up the following words:








I will also see if it is Legal to have a convicted fellon as an employee.... I don't think that is right, looks like I will have my work cut out for me. Hope you all have a Happy Memorial Day I am hoping the Feds come in and make it a Memory!!!!

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