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Foreclosures in Harrison are coming soon...Its not just Harrison, but all over. How can anyone sustain a lifestyle when every penny they make goes to their mortgages,very high taxes that are going to increase, car insurance and $300.00 an hour lawyers fighting for a stadium that the residents do not have the money to buy a ticket to a game or event. The mom-pop stores on Harrison Ave. and the Blvd. North will not be able to survive. Its a ripple effect of the present economy. All of the big money makers in town leave before 4:00 so its gonna be one scary ghost town at night. None of the people making the 100,000.00 jobs live here. Even the Mayor does not live here, he is planting his flag in Point Pleasant. He just stays with the ******* overnight...how creepy is that... and they are pulling in 250,000.000 a year between them. Dollar Bill Tanski steals a large amount of money and the Mayor supported him and is still working on his behalf to stay out of jail, they do not even want the money back. If you think crime is bad now, just wait until the people that are living 20 to a house start a crime spree because its the only way they can afford food. They will decide to commit robberies and burglaries. You may think the situation with very few cops and an abundance of overpaid fireman is funny, but remember, they do not live here, shop here, and only come to town for a good nights sleep.The fireman and the folks on the third floor of town hall are laughing all the way to the bank while you suffer. That's not funny, it's sick. So keep voting for good old Ray who "works" at Passaic Valley. He is one Captain that will not go down with ship. His boat sails on the calm waters off Point Pleasant.

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