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Guest BlueTideFootball-68/71

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Guest BlueTideFootball-68/71
It is all public record you can go to the Town Hall and ask, but I will tell you this the Mayor will be told that you are there because nothing is kept confidential. Why you are there check out MV the lady that pays everyones PSE&G bill wait till you see how much she makes yet she is never at work. I believe in the 60's nothing but BS.

I believe in Harrison, I love Harrison. I'm also very saddened to see the bad decisions this mayor has made.

Michael, you have my vote and those of my wife and friends. I know you're sincere and have the interest of the residents at heart. Turn this town around and make it the great place it once was. (And if you're able to, cancel that $40,000,000 foreign owned NY soccer stadium.)

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