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what quality of life issue affected you this week

block watcher

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my block i was awoke @5;am as people left a party making noise and being very rude .7:30 am some one was blowing :)  there car horn to get some one out side.what happened on your block????


This is ironic.

Someone complained about people leaving my party at 5:30am and one of my friends beeping their horn at 7:30am.

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Those were the sounds of people going to work, not like your welfare begging ass, jerkoff.


[/quote :rolleyes: ]they were not going to work ,if you are trying to get a rise out of me it wont work,i am here to try to make things better in kearny unlike you who lacks the abilaty to realize this fact ,they were in fact drunk,unruley,and the k.p.d did come and escort 2 of them some were i quess home,thanks for your mature response. try to have something original to respond with next time instead of just writing something so as you can see the letters on the screen,

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Here's wishing you the worst in life!


i wish you double what you wish me!!!!! why would you wish a decent law abiding citizen a worst life??? you should learn to get along with your neighbors and respect that they have to get up to go to work allso , :rolleyes::) just because you are up dosent mean every one else on the block should be up,key word maturity it goes a long way ,,best of luck to you in the new year,

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