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Missed Opportunities

Guest 2smart4u

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Guest 2smart4u

This mayor and council had a great opportunity to develop this town into something we could all be proud of. Instead of dumping $40,000,000+ into a soccer stadium owned by a foreign company, imagine instead if part of that money was used to develop 25% of the redevelopment area into recreation space for our residents; kids and adults.

Imagine a grassy area with trees and paths and park benches where kids could fly a kite. Imagine a jogging trail and a bike path. Imagine a sports field where soccer or softball or baseball could be played. Imagine a couple of basketball courts.

This would not be pie in the sky. A fraction of that $40,000,000 could have developed a recreation area that would have been the envy of any town.

75% of the redevelopment area could still have been dedicated to INDUSTRY, not residential units that will flood our already overcrowded school system.

This mayor and council's decision to ignore the needs of our residents and instead build thousands of residential units with no recreation space is, in my opinion, the biggest and worst blunder ever to hit this town.

If these people are re-elected, that will be the second biggest and worse blunder.

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