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Let's see a choice was given to the town officials

1 - Retire quietly collecting his full pension (without a big bash at the Hampton Inn)


2 - He goes to the feds with his info

which one do you think the town picked?

Rumors come and rumors go only Mr. T is in the know!

Is it true of what they say, Mr. T could have turned on Ray?

He got caught with his hands in the jar

he shouldn have known, theifs don't get very far!

Then again, he made his money

spent it on a house for when the days get sunny!

So if what they say is true where our money went

Let's head down to Bayville to OUR house and vent!

I'll take the first weekend, you can take that last,

we should not let his wrongs be pushed in the past!

Bring it on and bring it to light,

don't let him retire without a fight!!!!

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Guest Let's see

It all depends on the rumor mill

Rumor has it he is not far

Mr. T finally got caught with his hands in the jar

On the beach or behind a bar

he should have known thiefs don't get very far

So think and wonder where can he be

Is it true Mr. T will soon be set free

I'm sure he was not the only one

But Mr. T did get caught having some fun

So think you may, think you might

will Mr. T be the only one missing from sight?

Keep your eyes open and your ears to the door

I'm sure the rumor mill will be filled with plenty more!

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Does anyone know where he is? Is he in witness protection? Doesn't make sense that he would suddenly resign a job that paid him so handsomely and not be at the age of retirement.  Is that why there are rumor's that the Mayor is resigning?  :ph34r:

Tanski is "spilling the beans" on everyone in the administration, so don't be surprised on what may happen over the coming months.

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Dear Members and Guests:

The above posts were previously posted to KOTW regarding William Tanski but because the information could not be confirmed at the time of the posting they were archived. The information has now been confirmed in whole or in part.


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Guest Pig in $hit

Keep on working, working

keep on working, working

Was that a domino that fell

What happens when 1 falls

/l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l _

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Guest Told ya so, told ya so,

Now why was he forced to "resign/retire" when a well known friend of the Catman is stil employeed by the town............. even after he was caught doing the same thing?

BT my friend, I hope you aren't the only ship that goes down in the night. Maybe the town of Harrison is doing this as a way to keep you quiet but hopefully my friend you will learn that they were never your friends and they too would rat on you!

It also makes you wonder if that is why his little girl left town, she knew in the end Daddy was going down and didn't want the world to know her job was part of the deal.

Sing like a bird

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