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Michael Fernández

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QUOTE(Harrison Cares @ Apr 15 2006, 09:53 PM)

Michael Fernández, by attacking a Town employee on the web just shows your ignorant position of Harrison's governmental organization.  Your opinion which is skewed just like Millan's, your father-in-law, re enforces that you are a little pawn who unfortunately will learn the realities of being the front guy for Milan.  He will let you take all the heat while he just sits around in his job which also was handed to him by the same Mayor that he is bashing now, through your mindless mouth.  Could he ever get a real job the way he speaks English?  I think not.  It is so sad that you are lacking  the political savy of your brother.  He knows when there is a gain to be had by voicing his opinion and a liabilty when you are shooting off your mouth.  I hope Jerry has the common sense to show you the light that your father-in-law is going to destroy you and your grandfather's business.  Since you are bringing so much attention to yourself, I also hope that your house is in order because when you start singling out individuals, I hope the Team will inspect your business dealings in detail.  How bout *** ***** *** **** ****** ***** ****** ******?  Is this ******* *** *****?  The public wants to know?

KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.

Sure sounds like intimidation!

Response to that Quote with my comments:

Let me start by stating, that I do respect the positions held by the Mayor and council. I understand that anytime people take the responsibility of serving the public it is not an easy job. I may not agree with all their decisions but I respect the fact they take on the responsibilities to serve the public.
Well Said Jerry, I agree.
With that said. It has come to my attention that someone would like me to show my brother the light, that his father in law will destroy him or our business. Let me say this, my brother is man enough to say what he feels, and smart enough to handle himself, he does not need me to show him any light. I may not agree with everything he says but I am proud that he has the courage to say what he feels and place his name on what he says. Which is more then I can say about most of the people on here.
It is a shame that people could not voice their opinion without feeling threatened. It is a shame that we can not disagree, fight for what we each believe in and then when the battle and the war is over, shake hands and say still friends lets move on.

The only way my grandfather's business will be destroyed is by this redevelopment. We have survived for 30 yrs including when the bridge street bridge was closed. Which by the way affected us far worse, then any so called boycott by members of this town, which they are entitled to do if they like. I do not believe anyone should be attacked in personal way, but if you hold positions that serve the public, be prepared to take some criticism and answer some questions. If you can not handle that then move on to something else.

I have always felt like that is probably the most difficult thing for some of these people to understand.
I never really look at this web site. Nor do I feel this site will do much to change things here. I feel it's probably the same few dozen people bickering over the same subjects. I mean that with no disrespect to it's creator or to those who use it. I just feel you may get your point across by other means of media.

For those who speak against the town or its politics, and are afraid to put your name next to your statements, for fear of repercussions I understand. What I do not understand is someone who favors the town and makes comments like the one I read.

If you make statements of my family business or brother being destroyed, then be man or women and put your name on it, it seems awfully cowardly not to. And know this, whoever you are, our house is in order and we are a family. I may not be involved in all that my brother does, but I will always be his brother and I will always be here if he needs me. So if you have issues with me or anyone in my house, you know where I am and you know who I am which is more then I can say about you. Feel free to come talk to me instead of writing to me.

Jerry, some in this town get intimidated quite easily. This was some poor souls attempt to discourage me.
Jerry Fernandez the proud brother of Michael Fernandez in case you don't know me. 
:.) Love you Bro.
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