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Guest Turk 182

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Guest Turk 182

Here is something to think about. A good number of the posts to this board have focussed on salaries and money paid to the towns emergency services. The thing to remember is that the polce, fire and ambulance services are just that services.

The men nd women of these sevices are paid to provie a service to you the community that you yourself are either unwilling or unable to provide for yourself.

they dont produce a tangible prouduct that you or i can hold in our hand. What they do provide is peace of mind and a sense security in the KNOWLEDGE that if you or I ave an emergency weather it be someone breaking into our home, having a fire in our home or a loved one who is sick or injured that we can call someone and the will come and help us in our time of need.

Policemen,Firefihters and EMT's have homes and families just like you and I. They have financial concers just like you and I. They should be paid a fair and honest wage forr the service they provide.

So remember the next time you see a policeman sitting in his patrol car or a fireman standing in front of the firehouse or the ambulance going down the street they are not "goofing off" they are waiting for thier next request for service from me and you

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