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Letter To the Publisher:

A Hall of Fame is an elite assemblage of individuals with both talent and efinement that sets them apart from mediocrity. "Hall of Fame" usually instills a certain' degree of accomplishment, one achieved with dignity and class. It is with this distinction that an institute proudly inducts members to reflect upon itself. This weekend, Queen of Peace inducts its members into the "Hall of Fame." Included in this "distinguished" class is Robert Wondolowski. Omitted in his statistics are the charges of drinking and driving and vehicular homicide. He was spared the conviction of vehicular homicide through leniency. In order to show his remorse for the death caused and gratitude for leniency, Wondolowski continued drinking, despite his court order. As a reflection of Queen of Peace, not only as a graduate, but as a "Hall of Fame" inductee, Robert Wondolowski has failed miserably. He stands contrary to the refinement, dignity and class associated with "Hall of Fame." It is a disgrace for Queen of Peace to place this distinction on such an

individual. For Queen of Peace to represent its morals and standards with the likes of Robert Wondolowski is an insult to the institution, its alumni, but most importantly, to the victim of Wondolowski's drunk driving. Wondolowski's was

also suspended from school and the baseball team in 1992 for indecent exposure to a group of girls in the gym. Is this person deserving of any honor? The family of the late Jack Gilmore

Anita Gilmore


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