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Guest Senior Taxpayer

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Guest Senior Taxpayer

Every now and again I pop in to read theese posts, but never reply but just had to this time. I believe there was a person that worked for the town with a drug problen and he was sent to rehab several times as required, but the poor soul was lost and no longer works for the town. Second I think there was another problem with drinking and was addressed by managment he too no longer works for the town. I bellieve your vivious digrunted post leads me to believe you were recently fired or a digrunted past worker or politician. I am tired of reading about the town workers insurance driving up my taxes. I wait till the 3rd of every month to pick and choose what i can afford to eat yet welfare people stand in line with steaks and drive Lincolns. Gee ya think maybe the money To the county has an effect? Or how about the board of ED. Never in my day did we need several principals, vice principals and what is up with a director of each subject , way tooooooooooo much tax money wasted. The taxes ar out of hand but I do not blame the dpw health insurance. Wake up and smell the coffee. I personally would rather pay my taxes to town workers then Jersey City or the board of ED. Also Look we ousourcing got us just look at the Senior building the cut the grass so far down so they don't have to come back regularly it just a mud pit with no grass left just mud running when it rains. With the town workers it was green and beautiful, but then they live in town and pay taxes and CARE. I also believe there is conflict of interest going on, and too much nepotism.

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