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Free Local Weather Information (Harrison)


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Hello Harrison Residents....

While I find this board interesting I would like to offer anyone that reads

the board free local weather weather information. Our web site is


We have live Weather data and a Traffic Cam for the Town of Harrison

Residents. - The Camera faces the intersection of Davis Avenue

and Hamilton Street and updates every few minutes.

Happy Holidays Everyone !!

Tony M.

Harrison Weather Center

Station is an Official National Weather Service

Cooperative Weather Station - HSNN4

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Thank You for adding the Camera - We always try to make sure the

camera is updating and well maintained.

Hint if you ever see water on the lens on the camera the winds are out of

the Northeast at least 25 mph. The camera is in a sheltered location

and the normal rain storm with light winds the camera does not get wet.

I hope some day that Kearny will receive a weathernet / weatherbug station.

We offer each day a brief weather forecast report for all local residents on

our web site.

We also voice a weather forecast each day on the North Arlington Radio

station 1620 AM. This is update once in the morning and more often

when we have stormy weather around the region.

Happy Holidays !

Tony M.


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This have to be a 1st on this site , one topic with all positive feedbag. Good going H.W.C

Tony has been doing the weather since we were in the 5th grade together. Loved you then and love you now. Keep up the great work. I don't live in Harrison anymore but my family still does, I look forward to watching the evening news and hearing about a weather report from Harrison. I know it's you Tony. Keep up the great work. Love and miss you T. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the kind words... It's hard work but it is worth it to try to keep all informed at least weather wise.

I was shocked at a story my mother shared with me a short time ago.

It appears that we have a local resident that has a son fighting in the

war. They have a very close relationship from what I understand.

I man walks over to the camera and waves and according to

the story his son can see him via the net on the HWC Camera

and it keeps them a little closer together. I thought that story was neat.

Weather wise folks we had a horrible forecast the other day we called for

a 3 to 6 inch snowfall and really got nothing more then a coating what a difference

a few miles make - south of us 1 inch at Newark Airport and 4 to 6

inches along the Jersey Seashore -

Next storm in the wings begins in the pre dawn hours of Friday and goes

into Friday afternoon, right now a 3 to 6 inch snowfall is possible depending

on the track of storm.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone.

Tony Mondaro

The Harrison Weather Center

Harrison, NJ


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