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Kearny is it dead

Guest AYK

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Welcome to Kearny Death Valley Maybe OK Kearny a place where senior's have to sell their homes or stop taking their medications & young moderate income families can't afford to buy a home. A place where Unions dictate how OUR MONEY is spent. Where there are political types are on the public dole as we do pay for their benefits no deductables. Where we have a planning board attend a meeting if you care to loose the dinner you just ate. I would say go to a budget meeeting but the Mayor & Council can't define budget so all such meetings have been cancelled until the word honest is declared illegal. Oh give a home where Kearny Unions roam and never kick in a cent or copay all day & seldom is heard a nice word about the Mayor & Council never mind about the clouds and all that stuff they keep their public in a fog. Hey guys whatever happend to the bigger than life once in a lifetime deal on Passaic Ave Oh boy we got us an Applebee's I guess it beats Harry's Road Kill Grill. People just stop eating you can't affod it anyway and like most Americans your overweight so. Hey Mayor thats great charge taxes by the pound $896.00 per 100 weight thats if the state don't throw us some bucks.

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