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Doran's Running For Mayor

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In the tradition of Columbus Day Politician Announcements…it’s final…Doran is running for Mayor.

He was overheard to tell those around him that he had made up his mind.

He’s planning to announce his decision in January after the council’s reorganization meeting.

This was heard in today’s cocktail chatter

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Guest 2smart4u
At least will get our Halloween parade back.

Why in the world would ANYONE vote for him ! Didn't he vote for the $40,000,000 for the stadium ?? Of course he did. That makes him one of the mayor's cronies. Do you want more of the same; unscheduled council meetings at 5:30, no public sessions, millions spent without public input ??? A vote for him is a vote for the status quo !!

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If Doran runs for Mayor, that leaves his seat wide opened as Councilman in the 4th Ward.

He can't run for mayor and council at the same time.

My guess is that Choffo steps in here.

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Guest Remembering the NEWS
2004/04/19 Mon Pg 1, 2092 words  BIG DIPPERS 

Jason Fink, Journal staff writer ... as chairman of the Secaucus High School's Business Education, World Languages and Family Consumer Science Department. Freeholder Chairman Sal Vega, who is also a West New York commissioner and the athletic director at Memorial High School, who makes $138,804 in his three jobs; Harrison Councilman James Doran makes just $1,500 for his council job, but $132,579 for his job as principal/supervisor of adult and continuing education at the Hudson County Schools of Technology; Weehawken... 

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