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Re-Develop for a fast $$$

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I wanna know how they got away with not having a field for the seniors nor putting a flood wall for the new condos knowing it's in a flood zone!

Got away with it ?? They do whatever they want, they don't care about what the residents may think. And what amazes me is that the residents LET THEM. They can't speak at council meetings to voice their concerns or complaints. The mayor wants to borrow 38 million dollars for the stadium project. Has he held a public hearing to see if the residents want to borrow 38 million ??? Has he asked the town residents if they even want a soccer stadium ??? If seems to me that the mayor doesn't give a damn what the town residents want. Harrison is the only town I know of that doesn't have a public session at the beginning of the council meetings. A time when you can just raise your hand to be recognized and allowed to step up to the microphone to speak on any topic, whether it's on the agenda or not. In the United States in 2005, it's hard to believe that citizens cannot speak their minds at a council meeting.

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I wanna know why I have to spread the tax payers money to some Sopranos wanna be now.

not to change the subject,nor to be rude but are you the same tom powell the one from passaic valley?well if so did you know about what happened to the acting court clerk,and the deputy court clerk from east newark,the deputy court clerk's husband works for passaic valley and his wife *** *** ***** ** ** ***** *****.

spread the word mr.powell

KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.

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