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Quality of life

Guest Disgusted With The New Improved

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Guest Disgusted With The New Improved

Mayor and Council do you see the quality of life declining in Kearny?

Commercial vehicles parked all over town,day and night. Some of these outfits operate right off the street.

Do you people care? If you don't get out of the way and let others take care of Kearny.

New York City knows the importance of the quality of life. They saved the City from those who would have trashed it.

Get the PD on these issues. If you don;t have a ban on commerical parking get one. If you have one have the PD enforce it.

Get rid of the grafitti within 24 Hrs. Clean up Kearny Ave. Check out the area around the movies and the side streets in the area. Clean it up.

What is the sense of rebuilding Kearny Ave. only to have it look like crap.

Watching the Quality Decline

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