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The three main problems with this Board are competence, imagination and intention. Here are some important questions not listed above, which I would consider in trying to rank the Board members:

--- Who cares more about the students than about the administrators, teachers or teachers' union?

--- Who sees education as a creative and inventive process instead of just a rote exercise culminating in a diploma?

--- Who sees past the politics of Board squabbles to the real meat of issues?

--- Who has had an independent or creative thought that improved the Board's functioning and helped the Kearny school system?

--- Who devotes the most time to an unpaid job in a sincere effort to improve the education of Kearny's young people?

--- Who has the intelligence and the gumption to question advice or directives from the superintendent, the Board attorney or others in administration?

--- Who understands that the buck stops with the Board, not with the superintendent and Board attorney?

--- Who asks tough questions and demands straight and thorough answers?

--- Who understands that each Board member is an elected official answerable to the citizens of Kearny, not the superintendent or the teachers' union?

--- Who rises above the usual level of Hudson County politics?

Based on these criteria, the list of competent, imaginative and sincere Board members is a short one. You get what you pay for, and the quality of Board members is directly related to what the community demands not only of the Board, but of itself. As long as only 10% of the people even bother to vote in Board elections, don't expect any improvements.

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