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Mayor McDonough Resigning?

Guest Tom DeG

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If McDonough does indeed resign---and that remains a BIG IF---is it my understanding then that the Council President would become Acting Mayor?

And forgive my ignorance here, but who currently is the Council President?

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I believe it is Pettigrew.

Well, let’s see here.

If McDonough was ever to resign, that would leave us with Pettigrew as Acting Mayor.

That’s the Plumber with Peter behind him, and Party Artie with Doran behind him.

Isn’t that tantamount to choosing which side of the Titanic you wish you had been on back in April of 1912???

I mean, can any of us really decide which one was our favorite on “The Honeymooners?” Was it Ralph Kramden or was it Ed Norton???

How about Laurel or Hardy? Got to make a choice here, people.

McDonough or Pettigrew???

Higgins or Doran???

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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Number of properties: None in Harrison; one in Point Pleasant, Ocean County

Total assessed value: $123,300

Property taxes: $3,731


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» More From The Jersey Journal 

Harrison High teams lose home field advantage

Wednesday, September 14, 2005



HARRISON - The town's redevelopment efforts and a broken promise by the state Schools Construction Corporation have left Harrison High School's fall sports teams homeless for the season.

The football, soccer and girls' tennis teams until recently had no place to practice or play home games, since John F. Kennedy Stadium was demolished last spring to make way for an upscale housing development that is under construction.

The loss of the stadium should have been no problem, since the SCC pledged to complete a new athletic complex - near the site of the new Harrison High School currently being built - by Aug. 15.

Construction of the athletic fields has lagged so far behind that the new completion date has been bumped to April 18, according to Harrison High School Athletic Director Jack Rodgers.

The teams are now practicing at West Hudson Park, thanks to some fast maneuvering by local school, municipal and county parks officials.

"If these people didn't step up to the plate, we would have been like a band of gypsies," Rodgers said. "Instead, we feel almost like we're home."

The football team now practices at a field bordering Schuyler Avenue with goal posts purchased by the Harrison Board of Education for the new stadium.

The boys' and girls' soccer teams practice on Davis Avenue fields in the park, while the tennis team uses the park's courts.

The Hudson County Parks Commission has replenished the topsoil on the fields and repaired sprinklers that haven't worked in a decade, according to Rodgers. Two sets of trailers near Davis and Schuyler avenues serve as bathrooms and changing facilities for the athletes.

While home games can't be played in Harrison, nearby Kearny has offered Kearny High School's stadium so that Harrison's football and boys' soccer teams can each play four home games there.

Harrison's girls' soccer team will play four home games at Kearny's Harvey Field. In addition to crediting local officials, Rodgers is quick to thank Harrison's coaches and players for their flexibility in approaching the fall season.

"There's a motivation factor. I told the kids, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,'" Rodgers said. "They've all been terrific."

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resigning is too good of an option for this bloated, useless waste of space. we can only hope that townspeople begin to realize his damaging actions and vote him out. then he could leave with his head down knowing that he failed every expectaion of the townspeople and himself.

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