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The Demise Of Harrison

Guest Former Town Resident

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Guest Former Town Resident

Following the goings-on in Harrison thru this website and friends still living in town, it's sad to see what's happening to my home town. 7,000 new housing units ?? A professional soccer stadium ?? Can the mayor really think the school system can handle a couple of thousand new students, when the schools are over-crowded now ? Can the mayor really think a square mile town with limited parking is the right location for a big stadium ? A 1,500 space parking deck is not going to be adequate for a sell-out event. The spill-over traffic is going to park where ? I think the town is in for some major headaches . I see people being appointed to dept. head positions with no apparent qualifications, salaries that are way out of line for the positions, nepotism that appears to be rampant. I don't think Frank would have approved of the direction his town is going.

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