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but the way of your posts u must be a reneck , and u took time off ? where did u go to the county to visit some friends or family members. :P

Wellllll... I don't quite know what a reneck is. It sounds like the way a redneck would pronounce redneck. So I'll just assume you're a "reneck"?

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Ok i must say u did get me there with my spelling error , but u must really be a REDNECK if u knew what i ment by it  :angry:

:ph34r: 1st leme say that i resemble that remark! i AM A RED NECK AND PROUD UFF IT! SO WATCHA SAY BOUT DAT! AND I WUS DRAGED UP IN KEARNY!! o yah i just found my 65 cheby in my yard after i cut da grass! i wonderd ware it got too ! howlong have i been loking for it? 5 years! well gota go! ;)
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