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Guest Harrison Resident

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Guest Harrison Resident

The residents of Harrison need to voice their opinions on this soccer stadium project. A petition drive should be started to get the signatures of all the town residents opposed to this rediculous project. If I were physically able I would gladly do my share. One person per block would be able to get the entire town's signatures in no time. We need someone to begin this project immediately to show the mayor and council that almost everyone in town is opposed to this stadium. Public hearings should have been held to get the residents feelings on this huge project. Without public hearings, it only shows the contempt and disregard that is shown toward the residents. I only hope there is someone that will pick up the ball and get this petition drive going.

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The final agreement still requires the approvals of the Hudson County Board of Freeholders, the HCIA's Board of Commissioners, the Harrison Redevelopment Agency and the Harrison governing body.
New Jersey Journal 8/5/05

call, e-mail, let them know!! someone has to make a difference!! pleasechip in

CONTACT: James Kennelly, Director of Policy & Communications

PHONE: 201- 795-6060, 201-966-3008 (Cell)

EMAIL: jkennelly@hudsoncountynj.org

read thishttp://www.hudsoncountynj.org/downloads/pd...%20Harrison.pdf

Already a new 166-room Hampton Inn and Suites hotel has opened, and construction has

begun on the first phase of what will eventually total approximately 6,000 housing units.

Additionally, 3.5 million square feet of office space and 1.2 square million feet of retail

space are planned as part of this mixed-use redevelopment initiative.

you thought traffic was bad

The Town will raise the funds required,

approximately $40 million, through the sale of general obligation bonds in an amount

necessary to fund land acquisition, environmental remediation, capitalized interest,

related redevelopment expenses and transactional costs.

theirs gota be a way to beat this
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