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is this the direction they promised

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no money in the budget for contracts. several lawsuits filed in several departments. is this the direction that was promised to us under this administration. do you mean to tell me that the whole council is proud of the current direction this town is headed? not one of the members of the council express displeasure over the way the town is run. does that mean 9 people actually believe harrison is a better place to live right now. i personally am sick and tired of the attitude that is portrayed by every one of them. why can't at least one of the council members stand up and offer some real solutions to this crisis. doesn't anyone in the council have ideas to change the face of harrison. instead of believing that redevelopment is going to eventually save us, can't some immediate decisions be made to stave off this chain of disasters. there are things that can be done but the council and mayor don't want the backlash of doing what is right. i would like to say that everything will eventually work out but under the current leadership i am close to saying uncle.

since opposition has begun to fight in the elections some voices of displeasure have begun to be heard. it is up to the voters of this town, the regular joes who work hard for their tax money to stand up and fight. don't be afraid to show the mayor and coucil that we are not happy and that we are strong in numbers. please residents of harrison stand up and make a difference before it is too late.

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