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Guest It's me.......how ya doin&#3

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Guest It's me.......how ya doin&#3

If you ever need to find out whats happening in Kearny, visit this web site. It is VERY entertaining. The back-n-forth banter is a hoot! Occassionally some useful info leaks out which you cannot find in that local weekly advertisement circular The Observer.

It's also a good place for town employees to vent. Now THESE are people from whom you can really learn whats happening in town. Ask them how they are being treated by their employer. It's no wonder there are not MORE lawsuits against the town. (Uhhhh, No. I'm not a town employee but I know several and love the stories they tell about how the business adminstrator is always up to something. That seems to be the major complaint, the business administrator. I do like how that person was referred to in several of the messages here, simply as "B.A." which I thought meant Bulls**t Artist. HEY! Maybe the terms are interchangeable? I...I...I think they are!!!!)

So, keep your cards and letters coming folks! Someday someone will be able to gather all these messages and either write a funny book from them or the attorney general's office might be able to use them in an investigation. We haven't had one of those in a while in Kearny; we might be due. ;-)

So, CONGRATULATIONS KOTW for providing such great entertainment.


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