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What ever happened to the Merger?

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Remember the last campaign by McDonough!

What ever happened to the Merger of the Harrison Fire Department with Kearny?

I thought that was a done deal. We were going to save approximately 1.5 million per year. Yeah right.

I am not against the FD but we have to cut corners. I would be beneficial to see all services merged. But the FD at a 3 million dollar price tag is high. I'm not pro volunteer, but to supplant existing personnel with volunteers is done in other communities. Edison, Nutley, Morristown.

Just another lie by McDonough. We need relief not promises. Vote him out in 2006.

By the way it would not be a bad proposal to merge the PD with Kearny and East Newark. Thereby making a West Hudson Police Department. Just ideas to ponder.

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