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Constitutional Convention on Tax Relief

Jim Mangin

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Anyone interested in the subject of tax relief (and I would assume that's just about everyone in Kearny) should know that the Assembly Budget Committee voted today to release bills A-5269 and ACR-25 to the full Assembly. What this means is that a vote on a constitutional convention to once and for all address the crisis in New Jersey property taxes will finally take place on Monday.

Assembly Bill A-5269 authorizes a citizen's convention for property tax reform, while ACR-25 is a propsed temporary Constitutional Ammendment that would allow the statutory changes such a convention might produce.

Residents of Kearny should be very proud that our own Assemblywoman Joan Quigley was one of the majority 7 seven votes that were needed in this historic measure. I would encourage any and all Kearny residents to call or e-mail as many Assembly members as possible and urge them to vote for these two bills on Monday May 16th.

Jim Mangin

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