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Stand Up For Kearny

Guest Schundler

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Guest Schundler

Stand Up for Kearny!

It’s time we demand that our community receive its fair share of state funding!

Every year, as New Jersey’s economy grows, state tax collections grow.

State politicians spend these new dollars creating new state programs and adding friends to the state payroll.

Legislation being debated in Trenton would force state politicians to start sending a fair share of these new dollars to public schools, municipalities and counties to improve local services and lower property taxes.

Studies show the passage of this legislation would cause property taxes all throughout New Jersey to fall year after year after year.

Had these “Permanent Property Tax Reduction Amendments” been passed last year:

Kearny’s public schools would already be receiving $4,171,250.27 more in state funding;

Kearny’s municipal government would already be receiving $4,317,110.62 more in state funding;

Kearny’s tax obligation to Hudson County would already have been reduced by

$1,106,291.54 this year;

And Kearny’s property owners and tenants would already be enjoying $9,594,652.43 in total property tax savings!

Most property owners in New Jersey would have saved about 10% in property taxes this year. To find out what YOUR personal savings would have been, type your address into our Tax Savings Calculator at www.bret2005.com.

If you want lower property taxes, it is time to stand up for Kearny and demand that our community receive its fair share of state funding!



I want my community to receive the FAIR SHARE of state funding it needs to lower its property tax rate and to improve its public schools and municipal services a little every year. And I want taxpayers to be able to force politicians to control their spending.

Support putting the Permanent Property Tax Reduction Amendments on this November's state ballot so New Jerseyans can vote for immediate, dramatic and permanent property tax reform, or I will vote against you!

Name ____________________________

Address ____________________________

____________________________ Phone ________________

E-mail ________________

Please return to Bret 2005, 187 Mill Lane. Mountainside, NJ 07092

(If you have access to the internet, it would save us time if you would fill out this Notice on-line at www.bret2005.com. And please get your family and friends to fill out this Notice as well. If citizens do not speak up, money that our communities and schools should be receiving will be misspent by state politicians to put more and more of their friends on the state payroll.)

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Guest Margaret Brady

I supported you when I resided in Jersey City and you ran for Mayor, I supported you when you ran for Govenor and I support you now in your bid for Governor again. I believe you are the best candidate. You did great things for Jersey City and I know you will do great things for the state of NJ. I am behind you 100% and will do my best to help you get elected into office. I will sign your petition and make copies for others to sign. I wish you all the luck and may God bless you.

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