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I Love Kearny

Guest Manthey

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Guest Councilwoman Barbara Sherry
I love Kearny

It is a great place to live.

Lets hear some positive comments about our great town.



What a breath of fresh air. I agree that Kearny has so much to offer. It's schools, while not without problems, provide a well-rounded education via teachers who care about our kids. Municipal services are better than most surrounding towns. Our Police and Fire services are superior. (And guess what? Our Mayor has never been arrested.)

I have often said that Kearny is the perfect place to retire TO, not from. I can walk to church, to civic meetings, to shopping and excellent restaurants. This area offers the best in medical professionals and most importantly my friends and family are here.

I remind myself how fortunate I am to live here every time I take my morning walk and meet so many wonderful neighbors and I see the improvements in our hometown.

To all of Kearny's detractors (especially the one's who offer only complaints): there are no locked gates at the town limits.

Personal to Realist: I would prefer "Silver Vixen" to "Grey Panther"

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Guest guest

I agree...I too think Kearny is a great place to live. My son's friends are all good kids, I know them and their parents...we all get along really well, we enjoy sporting events together and keep an eye out for any potential problems. My neighbors are friendly, we are willing to help each other without being nosy. I know things are changing, not just here but everywhere. One thing does bug me , though, and it is walking down Kearny Ave. and having store signs without one word of English one them! I'm sorry but that is just wrong. It has nothing to do with discrimination at all, but English is America's native language! It shouldn't be allowed! Am I the only one who feels this way? Thanks for letting me vent.

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