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I could not agree more. This has outlived its usefulness and should be terminated. All it does is spread hate and lies. It is a disgrace to both police and fire departments as well as other town employees. It is a cancer that continues to spread without control. Whoever owns this site should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it to go this far.

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:( learn how to spell then make your demands idiot!

no one has you forced to log on you moron

everyone has a choice, your options are to just not log on! ;)

nobody else should tell nobody else how to spelling words when they dont know how to spell ether. nobody spell rite all the time when they rite so dont tell me how to rite in this internetsite when i rite. its is a free cuntrey and i could rite when i want to rite. you think all use are to smart. i can be smarts to be better when i be heer for over ten years. you come to my cuntrey and see hou good you can rite avter ten year. then i laff at you

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