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Guest Not a fan

I hope not - right now the town officials are seeing nothing but $$$$ signs - they have no idea what type of crowd/trouble they are inviting into the town. I'm not putting them down but soccer fans are a unique bunch and once the games are over the crowd will spill out onto the streets and cause some problems. Town residents should think twice before they vote yes for the stadium.

I'm also curious to know if the new stadium plans on hosting the international games that are currently held at Giants Stadium. I don't think it will have the capacity or the town will have enough law enforcement to control such a crowd.

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If they do come, I'll feel sorry everyone who lives there. The traffic over the bridge to newark is already a mess, imagine when game time comes around. As a soccer fan it would be nice to be a little closer, but to me the stadium, including the arena in the meadowlands are perfectly fine for me.

The good thing is most people can just take the Path.

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Guest Question

When the MetroStars first came to this area many local residents rushed out and bought season tickets to the MetroStars, after the first year many of those local soccer fans stopped attending the games, and stopped buying season tickets - WHY? Did they lose their passion for the sport NO - they couldn't tolerate the class of peopel the MetroStars attract. Our local government should look long and hard at what they will be bringing to the town when the stadium opens up. Crime rates will go (but then again they can keep this quiet and not make it known). I think their only concern is the jobs it will create and the payoffs that will be made, as always greed will win.

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Guest Mayor McDonut will screw this on

I honestly believe that the Metrostars will not come to Harrison. Mayor McDonuts will screw this one up too. When he does, I demand he Resign and not run again for office. What a loser of a guy. He really screwed up Harrison and now he's rushing this redevelopment, but he'll screw it up, like he always does. RESIGN LOSER OR LETS IMPEACH HIM

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Officials also approved a $150,000 contract for attorney Charles Aster of the Texas-based law firm Kane, Russell, Coleman & Logan, PC to represent Harrison in negotiations with the Advance Group and MetroStars professional soccer team. The MetroStars plan to build a stadium in the town's 275-acre redevelopment zone in an area to be developed by the Advance Group.
Jersey Journal MAY 13,2004

Ask how much this redevelopment has already cost Harrison Tax payers? Ask how much the Metro Stars are going to cost the Harrison Tax Payers?

Ask what benefits are going to come to the town of Harrison by having the Metro Stars? DON'T believe the lies about hiring Harrisonians! DON'T believe the lie about property tax income, because they'll be excempt!

Ask how many years have we been trying to get the Metro Stars to Harrison?

and now we hire another lawyer!!!!

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