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  1. Calybos

    Stone Cold Bored

    See, it's FUNNY because 2smart has proven to be one of the dumbest posters here, with nothing to offer but snide insults and (hopefully) deliberate misunderstandings of what his betters are saying here. So Paul claiming that 2dim's ramblings are "too smart" for him to understand is a joke... because 2dim is actually very EASY to understand, and is actually the one with the reading comprehension problems. Get it now? Sheesh.
  2. Oh, sorry, yes it is. In fact, the Constitution is the SUPREME law of the land. Are we really back to that tired old dodge? "Sure he violated the Constitution, but since when is THAT a big deal? It's not like he broke the law or anything." The lengths these nuts will go to in defending classroom preachers is just amazing.
  3. Unless he violates the terms of service with vulgarity or childish personal attacks (looking at you, "patriot"), Strife has every right to post his thoughts on any topic on this forum. As you do: so if you'd care to present some sort of position or argument you feel you can defend, by all means do so.
  4. Standing up for our freedoms isn't a good thing that benefits many people?
  5. Calybos

    More ACLU Outrages

    Wrong as usual. Ask any lawyer or Constitutional scholar, or judge, and they'll tell you that noncitizens actually have many Constitutional rights. Not just the ones you personally believe they should have (i.e., none). I think the hardest thing for far-right wingnuts to understand is that stubborn denial really DOESN'T change reality.
  6. Or that he recognizes such comments for what they are--a red herring by Mr. P's desperate defenders.
  7. Calybos

    More ACLU Outrages

    And if you knew anything about the Constitution you claim to love--anything at ALL--you'd know that all people have rights under our Constitution. U.S. citizens have more rights, but only an idiot would claim that aliens have none.
  8. Calybos

    Why me?

    Are you one of his students? Because if so, Mr. P clearly WOULD be out of line and once again violating the Constitution... which appears to be a habit of his. Seriously, I know you think you're making a clever point--but you're not.
  9. Which explains why you're still here sniping even though every "argument" you've made has been shot down. With very little apparent effort. I'm still enjoying the irony of a fool who hates freedom and the Constitution calling himself "patriot."
  10. Oh, look! It's Pascal's Wager! Wow, it's been a loooong time since I've seen that outmoded and thoroughly discredit old gambit dredged up in an argument. Isn't it just adorable? Here's a brain-freeze for ya, Guest: What have you lost if the Moslems are right, and you've been worshipping the WRONG GOD all your life? "Nothing to lose," eh?
  11. It may shock some of the guests to hear it, but most of Paul and Matthew's supporters are believers too... many of them Christians. They're just not theocratic lunatics like Mr. P and his crowd.
  12. So was she preaching a particular religion to her students? The article doesn't say... and everything else cited seems to be irrelevant. Why exactly was she fired?
  13. Calybos

    Who was educated?

    And yet, Mr. P was claiming that evolution is BASED on faith. Which is, obviously, untrue. More hair-splitting, Bryan. I must wonder why you're working so hard to defend someone as blatantly ignorant of both science and the Constitution as a good teacher for the next generation.
  14. Because he has the freedom not to... until jingoist lunatics and fundies try to take it away, of course.
  15. Calybos

    Who was educated?

    As soon as anyone can prove that Mr. P meant something other than the conventional definition of "faith"--i.e., belief without physical evidence--I'll be prepared to apologize. In fact, I'd be amazed if he had any understanding of epistomology... or even knew what it was. OR how to spell it. Clearly, Mr. P was trying to say that science and religion are equivalent because both are based on nothing more than faith. Just as clearly, that statement is false. Religion is based on faith from authority alone; science involves evidence. Even if you accept the notion that scientific knowledge requires some "faith" (which is dubious depending on how you define it), the point is that science ALSO requires MORE than faith. It requires evidence. Religion does not. The attempt to downgrade scientific knowledge to the level of blind faith is pretty clear--and pretty obviously stupid on Mr. P's part, since he was in a position to know he was both preaching AND lying to the students. But apparently any amount of dishonesty and law-breaking is okay if you do it for Jesus.
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