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  1. could be the numerous landfills that are east of Schuyler ave, as for the " Egg" smell that could either be coming form the dairy,cheese company or tanker trucks moving sulfur
  2. Bottom line this is NOT a treatment facility nor is it a halfway house, this IS a boarding house that does not belong in a neighborhood of 1 family houses. This " House" was built on the quiet not notifying the neighborhood nor was the town even notified. I can't build a 2 family without a zoning variance so what gives the owners of this property the right to do this. This House is subject to the same laws now as a multi family/hotel meaning fire department inspections and housing inspections. 2nd point there is NO staff residing nor working here, nurse,counselors,etc:If your so concerned petition the owners to put one of these houses in YOUR neighborhood maybe right across the street or next door.
  3. beats the hell out of the boys soccer team, last year collecting money on Kearny Ave. Looked like a bunch of clowns playing soccer on the corner and acting like fools in the middle of the street. No adults present
  4. KHS81

    School construction

    lets talk about MORONS I'm not Manor Mooron jackoff think next time before opening your pie hole
  5. KHS81

    School construction

    thats the number of times I ****** your momma
  6. KHS81

    School construction

    Not a QC hack skippy, I normally work for building owners overseeing construction projects to verify that contractor HACKS do their job right and not cutting corners or using Shoddy workmanship. Dealt with many tools such as yourself over the years
  7. KHS81

    School construction

    The Nets project on Flatbush ave in Brooklyn is NOT in a residential area, to the east the rear borders the LIRR railroad multiple track area, North is a large mall, south is retail stores and west 2 blocks west is yes residential. Your quoting projects that are in the minimum residential areas at best, very little residential in the MSG area and the Freedom Tower is in the financial district. As a Construction Inspector for the past 25 years NY & NJ I do get around. But you are right about multi shifts it can be done if the contractor wanted to do it this is more about a profit issue with him, more hours means more out of pocket and if these guys are Union Sundays are double time and a half. But you would know that being in construction
  8. To the first 3 posts who also apparently are illiterate themselves and CANNOT read, no where in the original post did I state that the town made the sign. The town ordered the sign from another company, however the person who opened the package didn't catch the error nor did those who installed the sign. Had the sign not been installed it could have been returned for the correct one. 2smart4u STFU
  9. KHS81


    I was told by a Walmart employee that it is in fact an expansion to turn it into a 24 hour super Walmart, the target population is Jersey City,& Newark
  10. Boy did our town employees drop the ball, recently I was made aware of a street sign located at Hoyt & Devon st. Only Devon was spelled " DENOV" st. Do we hire the illiterate those who cannot read or is it just plain laziness that our town employees are exhibiting. It is my opinion that the town employees who dropped the ball should foot the bill for a new sign and the time and wages it takes to replace this screwup.
  11. Well of course do nothing " Al" wins big everytime, this town is 80% Democrat. Like the Republican party you people vote the party line, if the Democratic party said they wanted Jeffery Dahmer for mayor you may not like it but none the less you'll vote the party line. Think for yourselves. Santos has done very little for Kearny, his " Redevelopment plan for Schylur ave still has not come to be,He's allowed tax's to be raised year after year, but yet I see very little for the 30+ thousand in tax dollars my family spends yearly in Kearny. He and the town council have done NOTHING to address the parking situation in town, parking permits have been brought up for over 10 years for the more heavily parked areas only to hear every single time " we will look into it" You say " Al" is a good mayor So what the hell has he done.
  12. KHS81

    Hurricane Warning

    And the IDIOT of the year award goes to KO, you claim this site to be the worst forum in history yet here you are posting away, if it S**ks so bad why keep coming back
  13. KHS81

    Kearny crime

    I put camera's on my house and guess what IT STILL DOES NOT STOP criminals from trying to break in. 5 times in the last 2 years I've had attempted breakins, in one case I caught an individual attempting to break into the rear of my building and I held him until KPD arrived, which took I believe 5 minutes from call to arrival. He's currently serving 2 years for criminal attempt.
  14. KHS81


    Relax cupcake your going to give yourself a stroke
  15. KHS81

    Open Letter to JL

    We do have a residency officer in town and he does in fact still go to home to check address's. He's been to my 6 family house checking on students who live here. But if you really want to catch those who live in other towns " illegal" students. Just hop on any NJ transit bus at the corner of Johnston ave and Kearny ave around 8am. I have and have seen in access of 12+ dressed in KHS uniforms coming in from Harrison
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