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  1. I have vague memories of the zoo and I would also like to know the name of the elk. Why did they do away with the zoo? I have children now, it would be nice to have showed them that Kearny was a family oriented place at one time.
  2. Wow, you shouldn't talk about your self like that its degrading. Why would you confuse me with your trashy self? You say I need to find God, when you can say the thgings you do?!? You make no sense. If you even had an inkling as to what I do for a living your mother would slap you for what you said. I think God would slap the idiot out of you. GET A REAL LIFE!!! Oh, and about the diseases, you probably a guilty conscious because you might just have one!
  3. I have two jobs!! You see, my facts are not screwed up. I know what I am talking about. I have made my life better and I know what trash lives in the place I am causing so much comotion about. I know I am making people pissed. And you know what ? I sit at my computer after my second job and me and a few other people laugh at how we can stir things up by just typing a few little harmless words. You see it is something like an experiment, we want to see what kind of feed back we get by telling the truth. AND THE TRUTH HURTS!!! I can not believe that so many people have nothing nice to say
  4. And you are??? I am just practicing my right to speak freely. Everyone else can say what they want, but when I hit the nail on the head people get offended. I say the truth, if you do not like it, don't log on. Go read a book.
  5. And you are??? And who cares?
  6. WOW, did I make you mad? Why are you so pissy? Oh, I offended you because you live in the trashy gardens. Not Sorry!
  7. do you honestly think that the mayor and council know how to think?
  8. You know you might be right, but it is not shoved in our faces.
  9. OOOHHH, I am so scared!!! You must be a part of the trash.
  10. #1, I would never say that I am better than anyone! I am not that kind of person. I say what I say because the gardens used to be a great place to live, now its trash. They let the place go. I moved out not because of eviction, but because I found a great job and can afford to move out! Thank God!! #2, I was greatful for having the chance to save my money from living there, all I am trying to say is that no one is doing there job. There are to many people living there that should not be, and to many drugs and to much gossip. So, if you want to think that I am shit, knock your self out.
  11. Oh, you must be part of the trash.
  12. I feel you just might not like me. That makes me so
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