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  1. If this is true, please come forward with the information and it will be dealt with. JW
  2. Because many of the long-time posters on this board have been driven away, myself included, by how this site has become totally dominated by one subject and the tangent threads it has produced. JW
  3. JoeW

    The quality of education

    Paul, If I understand you correctly you are looking for three things: 1. Disciplinary action against Dave P. 2. Correction of the scientific errors made by Dave P. 3. An apology from Dave P. For #1, the BOE has stated that they have taken action against Dave P. However, by law, based on the union's contract, they are not allowed to publicly discuss the type of or severity of disciplinary action unless the teacher grants them permission. Is your threat of a lawsuit because you do not believe them? Or just to discover through the court proceding what the action was? For #2, as previ
  4. JoeW

    Observer article

    I disagree. This article was not the one to take up this issue. If he is as bad as you say, wait for the next article. One that is not a tribute to a good man. I'll ask again. Webmaster please remove this thread or explain why you will not. JW
  5. JoeW

    Observer article

    You are doing a diservice to Kenny's memory by posting this. Contact the author directly if you have an issue with the article. There is no need to do this publically. Webmaster, as a long time, very close friend of Kenny's I ask that you remove this post. JW
  6. You are absolutely right. One of the most difficult things I have ever experienced. Kearny Firefighter, Thank you, to you and all of your brothers. The services were very special, for a very special person, because of all of you. As you probably know, Kenny was truly a unique friend. One that I feel priviledged to have called a close friend for 30+ years. Words cannot express the sense of loss in our lives. Thank you again. JW
  7. JoeW

    Damn Soccer

    I guess I do have to explain this to you. You seemed a little smarter than that, but here we go. To register a screen name you have to provide an e-mail address. Doing so allows the webmaster to contact you privately for various reasons, including misbehaving on their message board. If you don't consider that to be an increase in accountability, like I said, you are hopeless. And I'm not Dopey. More like Grumpy. JW
  8. JoeW

    Damn Soccer

    If you really need that explained, then you are hopeless. Also, what does your second sentence mean? JW
  9. JoeW

    Damn Soccer

    Following it plenty. It is hypocritical to ask for someone to sign their real name to be "held accountable" and at the same time remain anonymous yourself. I'll asked again...where is your accountability? JW
  10. JoeW

    Damn Soccer

    Where is your accountability? JW
  11. Haha. Good one Ke...I mean TGO. JW
  12. JoeW

    JULY 4th

    Did he call the KPD? All departments (KPD, KFD & DPW) were aware of the decision to postpone at approximately 11:00am. I spoke with a KPD member that worked the desk and all callers after that time were advised they were postponed. What is very frustrating is that this info shold have been posted on the town website as the first course of action. JW
  13. JoeW

    The Observer

    You're such an idiot. That was not me. JW
  14. JoeW

    Principal High School

    I'll ask for them. Please answer the questions in the following post. JW
  15. JoeW

    Board do Education

    What I know so far is a ticket of B. Campbell, Marks, Diaz The other ticket to follow. JW
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