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  1. I apologize that you have so much free time on your hands that you can sit there and insult someone on the basis of their spelling. From now on when I post, I i wll do so prior to running out for class. If this is what our society has bred, people who are incapable of doing anything other than find some way to demerit an individuals achievements by any means available to them, then I truly pity your existence. The fact that you enter as a guest on a free-registration site tells me a whole lot about your character and hopefully I will never have the misfortune of working with someone's who igno
  2. It really is great oppurtunity, I can't wait to go. The forum on National Security was amazing so I can only imagine that this will be even greater. Paul give Katie my congradulations. This really is a great oppurtunity for us.
  3. Alright I know I haven't read all these posts so if I say something that has already been said please forgive me. But religion is an essential part of history. How can you talk about the Dark Ages without mentioning religion? How about the Crusades, are we to pretend they never happened? How can you talk about ancient societies without understanding their religion? By the logic of never talking about religion, I am allowed to tell my teacher that talking about Greek and Roman Mythology is a violation of church and state. Technically the mythology is based on an ancient religion, which some peo
  4. I would love to serve my country, but I am restricted from doing so due to horrible eyesight, and that im recovering from a recent spinal problem. I believe in the war and why we are fighting
  5. Allow me to respond to your post piece by piece and thank you for actually addressing all the points I made. First it isn't just a matter of the Republicans questioning his patriotism, if it were just that then I would hold as nothing more than political mudslinging. But when the news brings it up like that I feel it is more substantial. The fact that Obama was against the war from the start doesn't score points with me for I have and continue to support the war. From my point of view I find it to be a neccessary evil and wish I could serve with them. As for experience, yes history does show t
  6. I would also be a little turned away if my candidate was called "Hope for the entire world" by the leader of a black islamic racist group, wouldn't you?
  7. I think McCain is the only one suited for the job of President of this great country. Obama not only lacks the experience but how can one run for President and have their patriotism questioned at the same time? The president must be dedicated to this country, McCain has shown that by not only being a war hero but by spending his life serving this country. Also Obama showed quite clearly that he is ignorant in the tool called the military. This is an excerpt from a recent news article on msnbc.com: "But last week, during his debate with Clinton, Obama tried speaking about substance when he me
  8. The Young Punk

    '08 Election

    While I used that as quotes, that is because when asked my opinion people usually want it from another source. That being said, I do believe in a lot of conservative views, at least when it comes to foreign policy. I do not really know where I stand domestically. I agree that the war was mishandled, but I view it as necessary. Please excuse the fact that I did not respond to all your points I have to go to my next class, but I will respond further within the night.
  9. The Young Punk

    '08 Election

    I would like to vote republican because while I do not agree with all their sentiments, I do agree with many conservative policies. For example I agree with the war in Iraq to some extent. I agree that Iraq was a potential threat and a definite threat to allies with in the area. In a book I'm reading Honor: A History, it puts a whole new outlook on the war in Iraq making it seem as if we were defending our honor, but I will elaborate more once I have finished the book. But I do not agree with the military occupation of Iraq. I have no doubt that our military can make any country fall to its kn
  10. The Young Punk

    '08 Election

    What else do you expect from a 17 yr old?
  11. The Young Punk

    '08 Election

    Moving back to the topic of the election, I would like to vote for McCain. I can not vote in the primary but it seems pretty obvious that he will move on to the general elections. Unless Romney has a miracle on Tuesday, he will not be able to beat McCain who is currently leading by 35 delegates I believe. Too save people the time of asking why, if they even care, here is some excerpts from a website that I enjoy that puts my ideas in more eloquent and articulate terms: "One thing I don't think anyone can say is that John McCain is not committed to our nation. He has lived a life of public ser
  12. Before I reign in this discussion back to the actual realm that it was intended to, allow me to start off with saying how disappointing some of the members on this website are. As the days go by, this forum begins to look more and more like a bunch of bickering children. Why must everything that starts off as a great thread, suffer the enthropic breakdown into insults on Paul and Matt, and the offenders? I have stated in the past that I didn't agree with Matt, but I know when someone is beating a dead horse. It must be sad that a 17 yr old, is the one who seems to find the ongoing insults play
  13. Happy Holidays to all and all A Good Time
  14. I agree that something has to be done about these punks. I drive over the chestnut bridge every now and then and I see them mouthing something at me. Luckily for me my music is too loud for me to hear what they're saying. But I would feel sorry if they get hit, mostly because the driver will get in trouble over these D**bA** kids.
  15. Though I do agree that this plan is unmanagable and has a low possibility of success, I applaud Paul for trying to make a compromise. Though I am in favor of no uniforms whatsoever, it is hard to deny the lack of a dress code that the High School seems to have. I think in regards to this "Voluntary Uniform Program" that the administration also set down very clearly what is considered inappropriate because otherwise it becomes a relative question. I heard someone say that a prism drawn on a sign was a symbol for enslaving egyptians, which knowing who wrote it and what they meant I know they rea
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