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Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I'd Like To Start Off With A Heart Felt Apology. I Know How That I Have Been Off To A Slow Start This Year Expressing My Support, But Let's All Not Forget To Continue To Fight The "Good" Fight Into 2005!!!

Lisa Pezzolla In 2008!!!



P.S. - Jim Hague, In The Dec. 29, 2004 Issue Of The Observer Sports View, You Stated The Following:

"To publisher Lisa Tortoreti Pezzolla: More hits on the website that are calling for Kearny’s resident beauty to become the new mayor. Let’s be honest. Lisa’s a lot better looking than the current mayor."

Although I'm Sure Your Commentary Was A Cheap Ploy To Get You In "Good" With Your Boss, Your Shameless Plug Of KOTW, As Well As "ELECTLISAPEZZOLAFORMAYOR" Are Truly Appreciated. You're Right, Overall, Unlike Mayor Santos, Lisa Is Good Looking. She Reminds Me Of A Cross Between Kim Catrell, The "Mannequin" And "Sex And The City" Years.





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Guest You're joking, right?

Lisa Pezzolla for mayor?

Isn't she the twit that runs the Kearny Observer?

Pardon my lack of enthusiasm about the idea, but I'd rather nominate Daffy Duck then allow her to "rule" in Kearny.

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