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Doran, Higgins And The Plumber

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And so Peter and the Plumber are intertwined brain-dead together.

Whatever happened to Doran’s promise of averting that disaster?

That is, that the Pumpkin Head would be smashed with Peter’s electoral defeat?

Have you checked out Jim’s website? A stroll down memory lane, meeting Christie and her cohorts.

Come on, Jimmy, you got some “kick-ass” in that body of yours.

Jim, the topography and political praxis of the town is yours.

At the next council meeting, look around you. Before you high-tail your ass out of here, just take in those clowns who sit next or near to you.

Yes, I know, life has got to offer better options.

But right now, you’re living in Harrison from where you grew up. My apology and my condolences.

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Overheard a conversation between Pete, Ray and Jim. What are we going to do now Pete. That p---k Codey screwed us royally. Just when we were set to make big bucks from Metro Center he opens his mouth and blows everything. Yea, Pete, says Jim. I have a pocket liquor license that I was going to sell to the developers and now I have to eat it. That really s**ks. Pete says, don't worry guys we have been fooling the public for the last 6 years promising movie studios, hotels, stadiums and condos. Will just have to think up a new gimmick. These people in Harrison will believe anything. Ray and Jim then smile and say your right Pete lets go back to the lying board. Pete says to Jim. Losing the election to you was the best thing that happened to me. I got a pension from the Board of Ed, then the Mayor put me in charge of redevelopment and then he put me in charge of overseeing the building of the new high school.I couldn't be happier. Thanks guys.

How about an amusement park called Disneyland Northeast? :P:P:lol::lol::P

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That was an opinon. I think? What the heck was that post all about? it doesn't make sense to me.

Those who know...no explanation is needed.

Those who don't know...graduated from Harrison High.

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Guest Wirearms

I heard that the Mayor is taking a home equity loan on the Town Hall, Community Center and the Firearms as collateral for the bonds that are needed to finance the MetroStars Stadium. I'm glad I don't live in Harrison. Let CB pay off the bonds. He is collecting from 3 jobs.

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