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no money for kearny

Guest santos has to go!

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Guest santos has to go!

kearny gets nothing from trenton and al santos is the reason! read all about it!

Jersey Journal article

Town got twice as much pork-barrel $ as Jersey City did

Monday, March 19, 2007



For the last two years, Christmas time is a year-round celebration in West New York.

A Jersey Journal analysis of the practice of discretionary state grants - commonly referred to as "Christmas tree" grants - doled out by Hudson County's legislators through a secretive budget process reveals that West New York received the overwhelming majority of the pork-barrel spending since 2005.

Among the expenditures were $2.75 million on refurbishments and renovations to the town's Department of Public Works garage and $450,000 on improvements to McEldowney Park.

Some say the wide disparity underscores the power and influence that party leaders wield as they divvy up the discretionary funding among the various legislative districts, as well as raising questions about how those party leaders steer money into their home districts.

Freshman U.S. Congressman Albio Sires doubled as Assembly speaker and West New York mayor during this time period, and the bulk of the pork-barrel money was earmarked toward expensive capital projects in West New York that would have otherwise put a massive strain - or been impossible - to complete using municipal funds.

Sires declined to comment on the issue, referring all questions to a spokesman for the state's Democratic Assembly Office. However, Joe Connolly, a spokesman for that office, said he didn't know Sires had re-directed questions to him, and declined to comment.

Since 2005, West New York nabbed $7.2 million - or 40 percent of all the Christmas tree grants provided to Hudson County over that time period, according to an analysis of records from the state's Treasury Department obtained under the Open Public Records Act.

By comparison, the much larger Jersey City received $3.56 million, or 20 percent of the funds allocated to Hudson, during the same period.

In addition, unlike in West New York, the bulk of Jersey City's money went toward non-profit organizations, such as after-school tutoring and medical care for low-weight and HIV-exposed infants.

The latest U.S. Census numbers show Jersey City with a population of 240,055, compared to West New York's population of 45,768.

Mayor Jerramiah Healy said Jersey City put its $3.6 million "to good use" and deserved more.

"As the largest city in the county, Jersey City should have received more of these discretionary funds to support and meet the demand for services that our diverse and growing population requires," Healy said in a written statement.

Overall, Hoboken finished third in amount of funding at $2.4 million. State Sen. Majority Leader Bernard Kenny, D-Hoboken, could not be reached for comment.

Two municipalities in Hudson County haven't received a single dollar in discretionary grants since 2005: Kearny and East Newark.

Political insiders say Kearny hasn't received any money because Mayor Albert Santos is out of favor with state lawmakers.

Asked about the lack of funding, Santos replied: "To be frank, I don't know the answer to that. I know it's a political process."

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Guest guest

How about a "NEW PUBLIC TOPIC" that has been made public in the weekly "Ky, Harr, EN JOURNAL"? On p 12 of the 3/22/07 JOURNAL, The "CHRISTMAS TREE GRANTS" given out ea. yr by the HUD Co legislators, REVEALS THAT WEST NY(pop45,758), HAS RECEIVED the 'overwelming or 40% of the 'Pork-Barrel' spending since 2005, while Jersey City (pop 240,055) receieved only 20% and KEARNY & EN received NOTHING!!!

Well, Since REP. Albio Sires & West NY mayor; FORGOT about mainly & fairly all of other towns that he represents, EXCEPT West NY; perhaps when election time rolls around, we voters, who put him in office, should "FORGET"ABOUT HIM.

Maybe then he'll get the 'message' and take care of 'all' of his constiituents equally, (except in a disaster) and NOT PLAY "FAVORITES"

Don't take us for granted!!!

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