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I have been reading and have not posted for awhile as the direction of this forum does not seem to be going anywhere, so hear are some thoughts and please feel free to comment accordingly.

I believe it is time for the Mayor and council to stop acting like they just won the election and move on, on several occasions I have asked at the council meetings for some sort of proof, anything to prove or give credibility to their comments on the squandering of host fees. To date there has still not been any responses. Explain to me, explain to the resident how the money was spent and why you think it was spent improperly, tell us how it should have been spent. Then move on and change the way it will be done in the future if it needs to be changed. This has been a constant point they have brought up at every meeting or every conversation both in and out of the borough hall. I even spoke to the Mayor myself on this topic person to person, before he was elected and it appears now that he as well as you and I know nothing more about squandered host fees than we did before he was elected. The only difference is that he has or should have all the information to substantiate the claim.

I think we can all agree throughout our lives there have been decisions made and things done that we did not agree on and would have done differently, the only way to change that is to get involved, let your voice be heard. But think before you speak, and know what you are talking about when you do.

It appears that the current administration is doing the same thing the past administration had reportedly done; they have completely revamped and changed everything to suit how they feel it should be. We may not agree on how things have been done in the past, but, the decisions were made you can't change them now. You cannot stay pissed off at the world or take retribution out on the remainder of the towns residents or employees that had a different view because you did not have a say in what had happened in the past.

We have maligned ourselves on this forum, denigrated each other, the Mayor his family as well as the firemen, chief of police, council persons, records clerks, dpw employees, ems, naves borough staff, recreation employees and volunteers oh and yes police dispatchers.

Where does it all end, when will we pick ourselves up and confront our adversaries, make an effort to work on the problems together for the better of the town. There is no denying that there are difference of opinions and that is a good thing, but personal feelings aside we have to start to work together as a community to let the governing body know what we want.

It is not going to do any good for the same people to keep coming to the meetings, if you really are that concerned, go to your neighbors, friends, co-workers encourage them to come to the meetings. This is my opinion and like it or not, but the Mayor is right, there is a silent majority out there, they have only heard one side, be it yours, mine, the Democrats, the Republicans, or even the Independent views. They only know the side that has been brought to them. We need to make them aware of the other information that is out there. A silent majority is dangerous to us all!

You all know that I am involved in allot of different organizations in town and I have heard story after story, from the soccer field to the fire house to the squad, the pd, the council meetings, even at the board of ed meetings I attended last year. The stories are all the same, the faces and people are the only difference- a one-sided opinion or story has been passed along and along and as it travels from resident to resident, employee-to-employee, it changes. Then we wind up eventually hear, on the forum. Blasting the hell out of everyone that has been reportedly involved and everything that has been said to have been done.

You may not like change, as sorry as I am to say it, I feel that some the changes that have been made may have been necessary. Some feel it is bad, some feel it is good, but when changes start, and people start to panic. I have been involved in the community and the changes still got to me, I lost some friends who were employees, seen others who loved their jobs layed off and loose what was to them the meaning of their life, It does not matter what you and I think the job meant to them, it meant allot more. There is nothing worse than a broken promise and we now know that here have been some.

Stand up and speak out, be respectful but be Heard, also Listen to others as I guarantee you that you will learn something about yourself and your views from others. Educate yourselves to the situations that affect us all now.

George McDermott.

I will post this over on the other forum in Kearny and independent as I have been deleted and suspended more than once here.

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