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New Jersey Transit announced that it will not resume train service through Kearny. See the article on the Community News Page

Also ready the January 25, 2004 editorial after the Transit Hearing in Kearny in the Opinion Page. In part it reads:

"One hopes that the Public Hearing held last week in Kearny was not just for show. New Jersey Transit spokeswoman Penny Bassett Hackett said she was "pleased to get the comments and will take them all into consideration." We hope it's not as much consideration as New Jersey Transit gave the residents of Kearny by ceasing service without proper public hearings last go around. We hope it's not as much consideration as New Jersey Transit buses give the residents of Kearny when they block up traffic by not pulling over to designated oversize bus stops make especially to accommodate their accordion buses.

We cannot rely upon the good will of New Jersey Transit to resume train service. We need our local politicans to unite and visit New Jersey Transit Board Chairman and State Transportation Commissioner James P. Fox along with seeking the help of our Governor to return train service to Kearny. The history of the Arlington line, the need for more mass transit not less, the vitality of Kearny, the daily toll it takes on the residents who are forced to extend their commutes, and the property values in our community are at stake. To our local politicans,"Let’s get working on this issue, NOW, before it’s really too late. You missed the train once let’s not miss the train again."

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