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Harrison Avenue Murals

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Guest Mr Grant Reynolds.

Would be great to get some volunteer artists in from somewhere otherwise it clearly looks like someone is trying to get funding of some sort. If so it would be really nice and a tribute to the town if the artist could include the RCA radio company Otis elevator and a few more great companies whose workers actually built the town so the people that are living in the condos now know where the town actually came from. So they're not confused thinking that the money that built this town came from developers pockets cut and dried simple, should also celebrate the diversity of the town with all races living in the town represented equally



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Guest DeBendito

I remember them.  Councilman Millan had a large group of us there turning that area from a eyesore to a beautiful spot.  Anselmo has his heart in the right place.  He loves Harrison.

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Guest Jack Smith

He either has his heart in the right place or he's using it as a political crutch to help him run for office I think it's the second that he's using it as a political crutch to run for office, and of course he's trying to  I'm the Latino vote but the cold fact of the matter is more Caucasian, Indian people and Chinese people are moving into Harrison and most of the Latino population are moving back to Patterson. Of course the band also speaks English. But he has always tended to cater to Latino people in Harrison and their needs.

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