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Are Paid Political Operatives being Enlisted in helping the Santos Team??

Guest Voter Fraud?

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Guest Voter Fraud?

Is it true that the SANTOS TEAM has hired a political operative to run their election?? The public needs to be aware of outsiders being paid to oversee elections. We need to watch for people registering to vote and using an address and after the primary is over the go back to their old address this needs to be watched. Also people who have moved out of town and are still on the voting rolls need to be carefully watched and not allowed to vote and will be challenged at the polls on election day. Also any type of voter fraud in people who use different addresses so they can vote twice will also be carefully watched. Finally my hope is there is no electioneering going on out of town hall as using town resources is a crime. If there is any sign that is happening the AG will be notified right away. Polls are showing an uptick in town for change and if true the SANTOS TEAM needs outsiders in getting their message out. The dirty tricks group will be starting up soon and the rumors lies will start in trying to build themselves up by bringing people down. Grass Roots is where elections are won and SIDNEY FERRIERA doesn't need paid political operatives and outsiders in running his election and he is walking door to door exchanging ideas with the residents LAST QUESTION WHERE'S THE MAYOR BEEN FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS OR DO YOU EVEN KNOW HE'S THE MAYOR? GO FOR IT SIDNEY!!!!!!

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