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Mayor Santos Objects to Alexis Campos 2nd Ward Candidate

Guest 2nd Warder

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Guest 2nd Warder

Mayor Santos has objected to Alexis Campos running for Council in the 2nd Ward in Kearny.  The Hudson County Clerk would not remove her as a candidate but the Town Clerk has.  Why NJ law allows the Town Clerk to be the election official in a Primary while in a General Election the election official is the Hudson County Clerk is frought with conflicts of interest. 

Campos however has been a resident of Kearny for over a year.  She resided in the 3rd ward and moved to the 2nd ward.  The 1 year residency requirement has been challenged before and found to be unconstitutional.  The Town Clerk should not be the gatekeeper on who runs and doesn't in town since her pay check gets approved by the Mayor and council.  Let us hope Sydney Ferreira's team files a lawsuit in Superior Court to get Alexis Campos back on the ballot.

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